The Acquisition Of English Vocabularies By Five Years Old Student Through Spelling Bee Game At Dd2 Education Centre

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Siti Yohana
Yulia Sari Harahap


The objective of this research was to find out how the process of mastering English vocabulary through spelling bee games in five-year-old students at the DD2 Education Centre. The objectives of this research were (1) to find out how the process of acquiring English vocabulary through spelling bee games for five-year-old students at the DD2 Education Centre (2) to describe the factors that influence students in acquiring English vocabularyat the DD2 Education Centre.  This research uses a qualitative case research design with ethnography to find out the answer to the research problem. The population of the research was children attending the DD2 Education Centre. Researchers sampled one class where the CALISTUNG class consisted of four students. The authors make observations and documentation to identify all classroom activities and interviews to find out how the teaching and learning process is, and the development of children's English vocabulary mastery during their studies at the DD2 Education Centre. The samples in this research were determined using purposive sampling techniques with the results of the subjects being four children and four parents.  The findings of this research show some of the following points: First, the teacher has an important role in the mastery of children's English vocabulary. secondly, In English teaching, the teacher teaches starting from how to pronounce and spell it, knowing its meaning, how to write and use it. Third, teachers become models and resources for children in learning English, making the material easy to understand and also using simple language for children and teachers use Spelling Bee Game as a learning method. Fourth, Spelling Bee Game is very effective in helping students improve students' language mastery.


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