PERANAN BAHASA MELAYU DAN CABARANNYA DI ERA GLOBALISASI (Malay Language Role and The Challenge in The Era of Globalization)

  • Phaosan Jehwae University Fatoni, Selatan Thailand
Keywords: Patani Malay language, challenge and political policy


In recent years, scholars, Malay scholars and teachers in Thailand have had concerns about the extinction of the Malay language in every sector of education and identity of the Malay people in Thailand. The influence of the Thai language which was so strong over Patani Malay and several powerful police officers who aimed to abolish it was among the main factors which led to the weakening of the position of the Malay language and the defendants from the time to the time. This basic effect caused Malay people to be anxious and worried about the destruction of the Malay identity. Malay may not separate from the Malay community in Patani. The history of Patani is long and challenging, but the Malay language remains an important issue. Since the impending security crisis took place, the kingdom began to see Malay language interests for the Patani people so that it included the Malay language curriculum in the low and middle schools belonging to the kingdom.


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